Test kiln/Pilot kiln

The test kiln or also called pilot kiln, is a furnace designed for pilot scale and implementation phase projects. This specific roller hearth kiln works on semi-continuous production (an automation can be added if a fully continuous process is desired) and is capable of simulating process parameters similar to those of serial RHKs. Although the throughput of the test kiln is smaller than serial lines, it can provide reliable data to extrapolate, and help the operator to obtain accurate estimations for the upscaling of projects. The test kiln is ideal for the optimization and fine-tuning of process parameters and allows the smooth transition into commercial-scale production of battery powder.
KILNTECK provides reliable and European regulation conform furnaces for pilot and implementation phase projects, for the heat treatment of cathode and anode active materials.

Product Details

Chamber Furnace

200 mm – 1.100mm
200℃ – 1.600℃
340 mm – 700 mm
Nitrogen / Oxygen / Air

Low energy consumption

Accurate control of atmosphere

High temperature uniformity

Small carbon footprint, safe and reliable

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