and Innovation

We strive to be a sustainable company according to ESG criteria: Ecological, Social, and Governmental. In addition, we are committed to the UN Agenda of Sustainable Development by 2030 and its 17 SDGs (Strategic Development Goals). We strive to build the most energy efficient roller hearth kilns and Saggar handling systems in the active cathode and anode materials market

Sustainability, Nachhaltigkeit

Wherever we and our stakeholders have influence, we integrate this into our company strategy.

CO2 emissions will be reduced to the absolute minimum possible, choosing Green technology wherever available. This allows lithium-ion batteries to be produced with a minimal CO2 footprint.

The owners of KILNTECK support the sustainability strategy. The focus is on ensuring the long-term sustainability of both the products and the company itself.

Our employees are our most important assets. We offer them a great and safe place to work. Home, office, continuous training, part-time work, and work-life balance: these are all cornerstones of our personal management policy.

Our suppliers are our partners. Together we strive to supply the best possible equipment to our customers for the calcination of
the battery active mateirals. We focus on developing an ethical supply chain as well as transparency and traceability of all parts used in our kilns.

We innovate the kilns in the following fields to minimize the CO2 footprint:

Both manufacturing and utilization of heat treatment plants set benchmarks for their low CO2 emission within the industry. Innovation and sustainability are the drivers behind the development of our systems for NMC Nickel rich material, LFP material and natural graphite.

Controlled furnace atmosphere

Advanced technology for the optimization and active control of the furnace atmosphere. This means that active cathode and anode materials undergo a very homogeneous heat treatment.

Minimization of heat losses

Most efficient insulation of the kilns to reduce heat losses, both in our roller hearth kiln systems and in our chamber furnaces.

Wear-optimized components

Greatest availability using wear-optimized components

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