NMC Active Material


Thanks to the effective protective gas atmosphere and temperature distribution of our Roller Hearth Kiln (RHK), cleaner kiln environment, as well as multi-chamber and ultra-long kiln body design, the product has a greater production capacity, lower unit energy consumption, and an automated saggar handling system (SHS).

Product Details


Loading Capacity
Up to 6-row single and double stack
Sagger size
330*330*110 mm
Up to 1.200℃
8 m – 60 m

Temperature control

Thermal layout/fluid design, silicon carbon rod, and intake pre-heat in a roller hearth furnace (RHK).

Atmosphere control

Uniform air admission and accurate oxygen supplementation.

Stable structure

Stable furnace chamber, temperature partition, water-proof cotton block, and drive safety in a roller hearth furnace (RHK).

Energy saving and consumption reduction

High power factor, and high productivity.

 Optimization and improvement

The layout of blower helps improve the sidewall heat transfer, and the inlet displacement chamber effectively improves the air cooling.

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