Chamber kilns/laboratory kilns

Chamber kilns or also called laboratory kilns, are furnaces specifically designed for small scale applications with little material throughput. These applications would include material testing, process integration and evaluation, as well as other laboratory or R&D activities. Such kilns show great temperature uniformity, and controlled atmospheric conditions, and are therefore ideal for small to medium scale process simulations on new battery materials, as well as provide upscaling data for larger scale productions.
KILNTECK provides energy reliable and energy efficient equipment for R&D and laboratory scale projects, involving the heat treatment of cathode and anode active materials.

Product Details

Chamber Furnace

200 mm – 1.100mm
200℃ – 1.600℃
340 mm – 700 mm
Nitrogen / Oxygen / Air

Low energy consumption

Accurate control of atmosphere

High temperature uniformity

Small carbon footprint, safe and reliable

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